Visol PortofiNo Satin Chrome Wind-Resistant Torch Flame Lighter

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This lightweight and sleek lighter will take your smoking experience to a whole new level. Its top has a high polish finish that stands out from the brushed finish of the rest of its body. This lighter ignites a powerful torch flame that can be adjusted to the perfect size using the large wheel on the bottom of the lighter. You won't ever have to guess how much butane is left in your lighter thanks to the fuel level viewing window.  This lighter can even be engraved for a personal and unique touch!






Torch Flame Lighter

Oversized Flame Adjuster

Butane Viewing Level Window

Brushed and Polished Finish

One Year Warranty

Butane Refillable


    • Two Tone Brushed Chrome and Polished Chrome Body

    • Single Jet Wind-Resistant Flame; Dual Action Ignition (Flip the Top and Press the Ignition)

    • Approx. Dimensions - Length: 1 inches, Width: 3 inches, Height: 0.55 inches; Approx. Weight: 0.2 pounds

    • Convenient Butane Fuel Viewing Window; Butane Refillable Lighter with Adjustable Flame Height; Lighter Does NOT Come Filled with Butane

  • Comes Packaged in a Cardboard Box that is Easy to Gift Wrap

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