UBC Single Faucet 48 Qt Jockey Box 3/8 -1/4 O.D. 120 Foot Coil Red

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  • Depth: 9.75 in.
  • Height: 10.62 in.
  • Installation Type: Free Standing

Serve up cold libations anywhere with this UBC 48-Qt Jockey Box (JB1201B). Its spacious interior affords plenty of room for ice and water to chill down the 120-foot, high-quality Stainless Steel coil that sit within. The coil features legs and between-tube spacing which guarantees that the metal reaches as low a temperature as possible. As you tilt the faucet handle, beer courses from an exterior keg through the water-cooled coil and reaches a perfectly drinkable, delectable state, making this jockey box a perfect accompaniment on picnics, camping trips, or outdoor parties.

High efficiency coil:A square design and Stainless Steel-steel construction ensure that beer drawn through the coil hits a low, drinkable temperature


48 quarts:Ample interior space provides plenty of room for water and ice for the coils to bathe in


Ultra portable:Easily bring the jockey box to picnics, parties, and other outdoor soirees for cold, delicious beer


Please note that a direct draw kit is not included but can be purchased separately.


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