Micromatic 9504-C-M :: Mystique 4-Faucet Tower Chrome

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  • Height: 22.5 in.
  • Width: 10 in.
  • Material: Stainless Steel

The Micromatic Mystique 4-Faucet Tower in Chrome Ice (9504-C-M) allows you to deliver the best in refreshing beverages to your guests with an effective dispensing system and 304 stainless steel components "“ adding an extra purity to your draft. The four-faucet draft tower allows easy bulk pouring for those busier hours, and the ability to serve four different drinks at a time. Each tap is represented by a backlit medallion, which can be fitted with a drink brand or logo that becomes illuminated. Catch the eye of your customers, boost the sales of your drinks and keep the good times flowing with this stylish draft tower from Micromatic.

    • Glycol Coolant:

      The glycol-cooled dispensing system ensure your beverages are always ice cold

    • Easy Advertising:

      The modern, curvaceous design plus the backlit medallions act as a great way to garner the attention of your customers

  • Draft Compatible:

    Amazing bulk pouring that dispenses everything from beer to wine; taps do no come included with handles

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